A response to the article, "Goldenvoice Turns 30"

“One of your heroes, Tony Cortez, posted on a link to this paean for punk rock. I excerpted one of several paragraphs that had me tearing up:

“The first person we meet is the mother of 3 teenage boys who rode the bus from Arizona, to come see X. We understand completely. We spot a girl, probably 15, in a homemade Adolescents sweatshirt, looking excited and scared. We know how she feels, too. We are home.”

Goldenvoice went out of their way to invite me to attend but I just couldn’t … your piece puts me there, more so than if I could have made the journey from the other side of the globe. In fact, it got me out of the VIP enclosure!

For the editors to include a link to one of my albums (and Ill Repute’s “Clean Cut American Kid”) in the sidebar is beyond flattering, to be associated with such stellar writing.”

-Robbie Fields, Posh Boy Records

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